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Home-selling Tips Worth Knowing

No matter what homebuying season you’re in, taking certain steps can help give you a quick sale. So what will get the offers rolling in?

Timing the Sale

According to research, spring is the best time to make a home sell fast. Next is winter, then summer, then fall.
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Work on Your Curb Appeal
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In many aspects of life, nothing makes a greater impact than a first impression. This certainly applies to homes for sale. Think what a potential home buyer may think while driving up to your property for the first time. Curb appeal is what entices buyers, holds their interest, and makes your home stand out from the rest. Note that unless you’re willing to sell your home for below market value, prospective homebuyers will generally not want to buy a property that requires a lot of work.

Know Your Bottom Line

Get a sense of what your home might be able to sell for; find similar properties sold recently in your area, and visit open houses. Once you have a ballpark figure, allocate 6% to 9% costs like agent fees, taxes and closing costs, then determine how much you have left for your mortgage balance. Is it possible to sell for enough to cover everything? Know how real estate commission fees work.

Work with an Agent

Check out two or three agents, and don’t pick someone just because they promised you the highest price. Ask your prospects which properties they’ve sold in your area, how they plan to market your home, what the fees will be and how fast they were able to sell their last five to ten listings. Sift through customer reviews. Be careful with agents who want to lock you in with a listing contract for six months. You want an agent who will fight to advance your interests, and not just get the deal that’s easiest for them.

Avoid Remodeling

Besides renovating a badly outdated kitchen or bathroom, don’t bother with any project that will not add square footage to your property. Exceptions are some less drastic improvements, like pressure-washing the deck, cleaning the gutters, and steam-cleaning the carpets. You can spend about $1,000, but it’s going to be worth it.

Set the Stage

Your home must be able to impress prospective buyers on its own. Stage an empty room with furniture or remove clutter from a crowded space. Get lots of natural light in each room. Make it a point that your home looks as beautiful in pictures as it does in person, grabbing the interest of each potential buyer who goes through the door. Lastly, if you don’t know how exactly home staging is done, hire a professional to handle the task for you.